Kelly Osbourne Wants To Make As Many Kids As Possible With Sid Wilson

Kelly Osbourne hopes to have many children with Sid Wilson.

In a recent conversation with People, Kelly said being a mom is amazing and has completely changed her life. She added:

“I want as many kids I can squeeze out before it’s too late.”

Osbourne noted that if she gets pregnant again, she’ll treat herself better and won’t hide her body like she did during her first pregnancy. She also mentioned how she felt about reactions against Jessica Simpson when she gained weight during her pregnancy:

“I saw what they did to Jessica Simpson and I thought it was disgusting.”

She was scared of facing the same criticism:

“I was so frightened that would happen to me too that I hid. I just didn’t want pictures out there. I didn’t want to face it, and have people be like, ‘Oh she’s a moose!’ So I just cut the problem out.”

Sid Doesn’t Want Kelly To Share Too Much

Osbourne also previously mentioned in a chat with Allison Hagendorf that Sid advised her not to share personal details with fans. They welcomed their son, Sidney Wilson, in November 2022. During their conversation, Kelly was asked if Sid enjoys being a father as much as she enjoys being a mother. She responded by saying:

“Yes, he does, and I have to be very careful because Sid doesn’t like when I talk about him because I’m like the one that is just naturing, and I say everything. And he’s like, ‘That was personal,’ whereas he is very much to himself when it comes to him. I got in trouble. So I have to be careful with what I say.”

Kelly revealed that she only shares certain things and keeps some things private for herself and her partner. Osbourne also recently took her son to his first Slipknot concert. Baby Sidney slept through the show.