Keith Richards Says The Rolling Stones Would’ve Never Existed Without Ian Stewart


In the video shared on Twitter to celebrate Ian Stewart‘s birthday, The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards pointed out that the band would have never existed without the co-founder Stewart.

Ian Stewart made a considerable impact on the music scene as the co-founder and keyboardist of The Rolling Stones. His passion for music began as a child by learning the piano and banjo and later playing with amateur groups. After he saw Brian Jones’ advertisement, he reached out to him, who was looking for musicians to form a rhythm & blues band. Following their first lineup was established, they initially took the stage at Marquee Club in 1962.

After a while, the group’s manager Andrew Loog Oldham considered that Stewart should have stayed away from the stage as the six members were too much, and he did not fit the band’s image due to his age. Later, Stewart continued with the group playing the piano for the records and as the road manager.

The rocker contributed to the band’s albums by playing several instruments like piano and percussion. His bandmates always praised him for his contributions. Unfortunately, he passed away on December 12, 1985, due to a heart attack.

The Rolling Stones recently posted a video on Twitter to honor Stewart on his birthday, which was shot before Charlie Watts’ passing. In the video, Keith Richards drew attention to the importance of Stewart for them by mentioning they could not have been a band without him. Richards pointed out Ian Stewart’s significant influence in establishing the group.

Keith Richards said in the video:

“The Rolling Stones are around here because of Ian Stewart. Without him, The Rolling Stones would have never existed. He hooked with Brian and then recognized Watts and then suddenly became The Rolling Stones.”

You can see the tweet below.