Keith Richards And Mick Jagger Were Once Set Up By A Hired Actor


The Rolling Stones’ two iconic members, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger may be primarily known for being the creative force behind the band. In fact, their musical partnership created the majority of the band’s catalog and is considered one of the most successful songwriting partnerships in rock history.

However, their applauded career isn’t the only reason they made a name for themselves in the music industry. Although both Richards and Jagger are sober now, they had a long history of substance abuse which caused them quite the trouble in the past. Today, we’re here to take a look at one of the times when the rockers were tricked by their alleged drug dealer, who turned out to be a paid actor.

The Rolling Stones Were Notorious For Their Drug Abuse


Keith Richards must be one of the craziest musicians, famed for his outlandish ways of using drugs. Fortunately, the guitarist is now sober, but he has countless stories from his drug and alcohol addiction days. He was arrested numerous times due to substance possession in the past but luckily didn’t spend much time in prison, thanks to being a famous rock star.

Unlike his bandmate, Mick Jagger’s primary notoriety comes from his romantic life since he made a name for himself for sleeping with thousands of women. However, that doesn’t mean the singer didn’t have his fair share of experiences with substance abuse which also caused him to get arrested a few times, but he got away with it due to simply being Mick Jagger.

Keith Richards And Mick Jagger Were Conned


Perhaps one of the most significant incidents in the Rolling Stones’ history occurred in Keith Richards’s home in West Sussex, England, in 1967. While the band was partying with drugs, as usual, the house was raided by numerous police officers who found small amounts of heroin, LSD, and marijuana.

As a result, both Richards and Jagger were arrested, and regardless of the small number of substances found, the government seemed determined to make them do time. Still, the rockers ended up spending only a few nights in prison, causing a big media sensation.

While the band members didn’t know how the police officers found out about their house party, the truth was revealed many years later. In his autobiography entitled ‘Life,‘ Richards said that the person to blame was a young drug dealer known as the Acid King. He was a guest at the party and supplied the drugs but was nowhere after the raid as he disappeared.

As the guitarist penned in his book, the Acid King was actually a police informant called David Sniderman, an actor. He told his family and friends that he was recruited by British and American intelligence as part of a plot to con the band. Though they succeeded in scheming both Richards and Jagger, they couldn’t keep the duo in prison for a long time.