Justin Hawkins Says Mike Patton Parodied Anthony Kiedis In ‘Epic’ Video

In a recent episode of Justin Hawkins Rides Again, Justin Hawkins compared Mike Patton‘s moves to Anthony Kiedis in the ‘Epic’ music video and stated that it might even be a parody of Kiedis’ moves.

Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith No More were the bands that opened the doors for the funk-metal genre in the late 1980s. This made the two bands have rivalry between them since they were representing the same genre at the same time. However, the rivalry that started friendly quickly turned into a feud when the band’s lead singers, Anthony Kiedis and Mike Patton, got into a verbal fight after Faith No More released the music video for their song ‘Epic.’

The music video made quite a splash when lead singer Mike Patton’s facial expressions and actions caught the attention of Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis. Kiedis accused Patton of copying his moves in the music video, which started the feud between the two leads.

The Darkness lead Justin Hawkins gave his two cents about the feud between Anthony Kiedis and Mike Patton that goes back to the early ’90s. Hawkins shared that Kiedis probably had a point in having questions about Patton’s moves because Kiedis was making those moves for a while before ‘Epic’ came out. He added that the way Patton moves in the music video might be a parody of Kiedis’ movements that he still does today.

Justin Hawkins’ thoughts about Mike Patton’s potential parody of Anthony Kiedis:

“You would have to argue that Anthony Kiedis probably has a point. He was doing that for a good few years before this came out. It’s very much in that same wheelhouse, for sure. Even the way he’s moving, this might be a parody of what Anthony Kiedis used to do and still does.”

You can watch Hawkins’ video and the music video of ‘Epic’ below.