Journey’s Neal Schon Responds To Jeff Scott Soto’s Latest Claims

Journey guitarist Neal Schon replied to a Blabbermouth article on Facebook, which includes Jeff Scott Soto’s statements on why he was fired from Journey. Schon stated that their collaboration with Soto didn’t work out because they thought he didn’t sound right.

In 2006, when the Journey lead singer Steve Augeri had to leave the tour due to his acute throat infection, he was replaced by Jeff Scott Soto. Although he was initially a temporary tour replacement, he then became the band’s official singer. However, it was a short-lived collaboration as Soto was fired from the band almost six months later.

Although Soto was officially hired by the band as their lead singer at the time, his name wasn’t mentioned in the band’s biographies. Jeff Scott Soto revealed in a recent interview that he still has no idea why he was fired from Journey. Soto stated that he can’t say anything bad about the other band members because he had to sign a document. However, Soto admitted that he didn’t receive an explanation on why he was fired, so he couldn’t make peace with it.

Later on, Neal Schon saw Soto’s statements on Journey and commented on it on Facebook. Schon stated that he had already been working with Soto on a side project, and he requested him to come and help them finish the tour. Schon expressed that both he and Jonathan Cain agreed that Jeff wasn’t what they wanted at the time. They just thought that he didn’t sound right on the band’s music, so it didn’t work out.

Neal Schon’s comments on what Soto said:

“It was unfortunate, but Steve Augeri’s voice gave out. We were in the middle of the Def Leppard tour, so I was working with Jeff on a side project and suggested he come in and help finish the tour. It went well, but all were not sold on him being the lead singer after writing a tune and listening. Both Jon and I agreed it didn’t sound right– or better put, what we wanted. I hope this satisfies this ongoing drama. It didn’t work out.

Apparently, Neal Schon wanted to put an end to the ongoing discussion, but his statements instigated new discussions among the fans. They gathered under the comments, and Schon replied to some of them. In one of his replies, Schon stated that he actually told Soto what went wrong when he was fired, and it is not his problem that Soto can’t make peace with it. Schon also accused Soto of trying to keep himself in the spotlight.