Jon Bon Jovi Shares His Feelings About Millie Bobby Brown

Jon Bon Jovi recently reacted to his son Jake Bongiovi‘s engagement to actress Millie Bobby Brown, disclosing why he supported the two young love birds’ decision in a chat with Andy Cohen.

The couple only recently announced their engagement via different Instagram posts, and since they’re a bit young, with Jake being 20 and Millie a year younger, some started criticizing the pair for making ‘crucial’ decisions at an inappropriate age.

Luckily for the pair, Bongiovi’s father, Jon, seems to fully support the couple’s engagement as he revealed how age didn’t matter when one believed they’d found the right person to spend their lives with. The rocker felt that growing up together was an essential part of a relationship, adding how he thought all his kids had met ‘the one’ of their lives.

Bon Jovi himself, after all, had wed his high school sweetheart, Dorothea, when he was in his mid-20s, so it seemed that he had no troubles with his children following suit and forming serious relationships at young ages.

The rocker’s supportive words on Jake and Millie’s engagement follow:

“I don’t know if age matters if you find the right partner and you grow together. My advice really is growing together is wise. I think that all of my kids have found the people that they think they can grow together with, and we like them all. Millie is wonderful. Her whole family is great. Jake is very, very happy.”

So, Jon was quite the supportive father when he had to address his son Jake and girlfriend Millie’s recent decision to get engaged after two and a half years of dating. He believes relationships are essential for couples to grow up, and the young pair’s eagerness to get married seems wise to him.