‘Jon Bon Jovi Has Nothing To Prove’ Amid Vocal Trouble, Stryper’s Michael Sweet Explains

Stryper’s Michael Sweet expressed joy at the news of Jon Bon Jovi’s recovery following vocal cord surgery. Sweet took to his social media to share a photo of Jon and he included the following message, where he stated that the frontman has ‘nothing to prove’:

“I wish this guy well. Although my vocal issues are different, I can most definitely relate to not having complete control over my vocal chords/folds. My issues are/were based on some stiffening of the folds and having rather large nodules surrounding my folds and starting to affect my clarity and range. Now that I’ve had surgery (thyroid/nodule/cancer removal), hopefully I’ll be in better shape once we start touring.”

Referring to the negative comments Jon received for not being able to fully sing, he continued:

“It’s a very frustrating feeling to have to go out night after night in front of a large crowd and not be able to do what you’ve always done – perform at 100%. Then you add to that the fact that anyone and everyone can record you and post it and comment. And sadly (many times) those comments are nasty and negative and sometimes absolutely hateful & horrible.”

Sweet then finished it off by sharing his appreciation for the rocker:

“I am very happy to hear that Jon Bon Jovi is on the mend and doing everything he can to resolve the issue and to deliver the best performance possible. What more can you ask for? Jon has nothing to prove. He’s a legend. And last but certainly not least – I think we all have to face our own issues in life. It’s out of our control. God isn’t playing with us or taking joy in our ailments. It’s life and we all have to face it. All we can do is do so bravely and faithfully as we begin to see the plan that is being unveiled before our eyes. One that ultimately will make us stronger and more resilient. May God bless you and heal you Jon.”

Jon’s ‘Craft’ Was Taken From Him

Earlier, Jon confirmed that he underwent ‘significant reconstructive surgery’ on his vocal cords and shared his thoughts on how it has influenced his life during a Pollstar Live panel on Wednesday and a Hulu panel for the Television Critics Association on Friday. People magazine reported that the surgery occurred 19 months ago.

During Hulu’s panel for the upcoming docuseries ‘Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story’ at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena on Friday, Jon revealed details about his health. He expressed that he was now ‘prepared to discuss’ the surgery on his vocal cords, which apparently were ‘atrophying’ — with one vocal cord being ‘thick as the thumb’ and the other being ‘thick as a pinky’:

“So the strong one was pushing the weak one aside, and I wasn’t singing well. My craft was being taken from me. But nonetheless, and I say in the film, and in the latter episodes, if I just had my tools back, the rest of it I can deal with. I can write you a song, I can perform as well as anybody. But I need to get my tools back.”

You can see Sweet’s post here.