John 5 Announces Positive Covid Case And Postpones Three Shows

Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 recently announced in an Instagram post that one of his touring crew members was diagnosed with COVID-19 and postponed his following three shows.

Although the coronavirus measures and restrictions were eased worldwide, and the current positive case numbers are decreasing, the disease continues to spread. Thanks to the emergence of the vaccine, the symptoms are now somewhat bearable in most cases.

In 2015, John 5 decided to form The Creatures band to support him during live shows. The band currently continues touring with John 5 and works with him on solo albums. On October 29, 2021, John 5 released his tenth solo album ‘Sinner,’ and embarked on a tour with The Creatures to support the album.

John 5 And The Creatures will record the Sinner tour’s shows for a live album and a music video. However, John 5 recently announced a COVID positive case within the touring crew. Due to that, he decided to postpone the upcoming three dates of the Sinner tour.

In his Instagram post, John 5 posted an announcement that revealed that the shows on April 23 in Las Vegas, April 24 in San Diago, and April 26 in Albuquerque would be rescheduled for further dates. According to the statement, the appropriate response for a positive case is to postpone the dates, and they will announce the rescheduled dates soon.

John 5’s Instagram post read:

“Hey everyone, we’ll be back very soon with new dates. The health and safety of all are important to us.”

The statement he included in the post says:

“After a positive test for COVID-19, John 5 & The Creatures are postponing the following three shows of the current Sinner tour. These dates include 23rd Las Vegas, 24th San Diago, and the 26th April Albuquerque.

We have been following COVID-19 protocols but still had a positive test. The appropriate response is to postpone, and we will announce the rescheduled dates as soon as possible. The safety of our fans and venue staff is of the utmost importance to us, and we look forward to seeing you all in the near future. Thank you.”

You can check out the picture John 5 Included in his post below.

Photo Credit: John 5 – Instagram