Joey Santiago On Pixies’ Short-Lived First Go Around, ‘We Were Ungrateful’


Joey Santiago, the lead guitarist for the Pixies, recently joined a conversation with VW Music and opened up about the early days of their band.

The ’90s saw a revival of the ethos of the ’70s punk rock counterculture. Pixies were a representative of this boom, and during their brief debut between 1986 and 1993, the band became one of the recognized figures in the alternative rock scene. Contrasting volume dynamics are part of the band’s signature sound, and Joey Santiago’s noisy, disjointed, melodic solos are essential to Pixie’s sound.

The lead guitarist Santiago recently participated in an interview with VW Music and revealed some details about the band’s early days. He stated that the cause of their short-lived first period was that they could not appreciate the band’s early success.

While admitting that they couldn’t see things ‘clearly’ back then, the guitarist revealed that the,ir ungratefulness upsets him very much in retrospect. He added that they are now much more aware of what they are doing, and after the reunion, they realized they know how to be grateful for their success.

In reply to the interviewer’s question about the longevity of Pixies, Santiago said:

“Okay, I’ll do the one-two punch here. I’ll attribute our short-lived first go around to one thing, and it’s really simple: we were ungrateful little f*ckers. We just couldn’t find the good in anything anymore, and that’s really f*cking sad looking back. It all just became a pain in the as*, but what we really were ungrateful; we didn’t see clearly.

Because many people would kill for what we were then, and what we were doing, you know? But now, having been reunited for all these years, it just feels good. We are very blessed. We can play anywhere in the world. We really can. So, I would just say that we’re not taking anything for granted now. We’re grateful now.”

The band is currently continuing to hit the road for their tour. After four more gigs in the States, they’ll head south and continue on their way to Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, respectively.