Joe Satriani Compares Jeff Beck’s Playing To Eric Clapton’s

The process of creating any form of art, including music, often requires establishing a delicate balance between being influenced by the works that came before and pushing the boundaries to create something new. Joe Satriani recently weighed in on this topic during his conversation with the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast by comparing guitar legends Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck.

“Eric Clapton was super respectful,” he said while describing Clapton’s learning and playing techniques. “Eric would show you, ‘These are my roots. I’ve studied. I’ve created this cultured style based around these people, and I’m showing you.’” Satriani highlighted Clapton’s music approach as one of respect and admiration for his influences. As you know, Eric Clapton is famous for his blues-influenced playing style and has always been open about the musicians that have inspired him throughout his career.

The virtuoso went on to compare the late legend Jeff Beck’s playing style to Clapton’s, saying, “With Jeff, it was almost like he was saying, ‘Yeah, yeah. I’ve listened to all these guys, and they’re great, but watch what I’m doing with it.’” Thus, he pointed to the difference in their approach, with Beck being more experimental and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the guitar.

Joe Satriani’s recent interview offered interesting insights into his understanding of Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck’s legacies and impact on the rock scene. Since he is one of the few established guitar virtuosos, his input was definitely a matter of curiosity. Unfortunately, Jeff Beck’s recent passing has made it impossible for the late icon to appreciate his fellow musician’s compliments, but Clapton will probably feel proud to be compared to Beck.