Joe Elliott Says Def Leppard Tried To Write The Next ‘We Will Rock You’


Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott expressed his ideas about their upcoming studio album and their latest single from it during his recent interview with Billboard. The singer revealed that they wanted to create an anthem like Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ with their song, ‘Kick.’

Queen released their sixth studio album named ‘News of the World’ on October 28, 1977, and it produced the band’s some of their greatest hits of all time that almost every rock music lover knows. The album’s tracks, ‘We Will Rock You,’ ‘We Are the Champions,’ and ‘Sheer Heart Attack’became very popular, and many famous music critics described them as the band’s most well-written and composed songs.

Therefore, Queen’s album was an inspiration for their peers and next-generation bands like Def Leppard. The band’s frontman stated that they always tried to write the next ‘We Will Rock You’ along with other classics like ‘Sugar’ and ‘I Love Rock’ n’ Roll,’ which was the inspiration of their stadium anthem, ‘Kick.’ Def Leppard shared the song on March 17 and announced that they would release the upcoming twelfth studio album, ‘Diamond Star Halos’ on May 27.

In his interview, Joe Elliott added that working on ‘Kick’ turned into creating a whole album which the fans have been waiting for a long time. Furthermore, the band will promote their latest album with their co-headlining tour, The Stadium Tour featuring Mötley Crüe, Poison, and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. The long-awaited tour is scheduled to begin in Atlanta on June 16 and end on September 9 in Las Vegas.

In Elliott’s words, he said:

“It’s a stadium anthem, and we were about to go into stadiums. We didn’t write it for that reason, but Phil’s always trying to write the next ‘Sugar’ or ‘We Will Rock You’ Or ‘I Love Rock’ n’ Roll.’ We all are, but he actually came up with one, and it’s like, ‘Yeah, we’ve got to do that,’ so now it’s a 15-song record.”

You can listen to the songs below.