Joe Bonamassa Names His Favorite Riff By Eric Clapton


Joe Bonamassa recently attended an interview on 95.5 KLOS YouTube channel and talked about his favorite riffs of all time. He revealed his favorite riff by Eric Clapton‘s band Blind Faith.

As you may know, Bonamassa started his career as a blues-rock guitarist when he opened for B.B. King at the age of 12. As a guitarist without a stable band to play with, he reached a big amount of success with his solo talent.

A lot of great names influenced Bonamassa and inspired him to get him where he is today. Although he previously confessed in an interview that Eric Clapton did not have the biggest influence on him, in his recent interview he stated Blind Faith’s ‘Had to Cry Today’ which is the opening song of their self-titled album is one of his favorite riffs of all times.

He revealed his favorite riff saying:

“My other riff of all time – again, these are just my favorites, it’s the ones you can jam on for 20 minutes and never get tired of them. Obviously, ‘Blind Faith,’ the opening song – that’s such a great track.

Bonamassa continued to talk about the song and why he loves it. He stated that Steve Winwood’s talent is underappreciated in the song because he plays with Clapton at the same time.

To appreciate the song he stated:

“Do you know who doesn’t get a lot of credit for the guitar playing, especially on that song? Steve Winwood – because it sounds like Clapton’s playing when it’s actually both of them playing at the same time.

It’s not just Clapton doubling himself or just playing two leads and overdubbing, it’s Steve Winwood, who’s a great guitar player, he’s known as an organist, and a piano player, and one of the greatest singers of all time but can shred on the guitar when he wants too.

He was just one of those iconic singers that when he sings, it’s like, ‘Where did that even come from?’ You’re blessed with that head voice.”

You can watch the full interview below.