Jimmy Page Tells How Robert Plant Wrote The ‘Timeless’ Lyrics Of ‘Ten Years Gone’

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page made another ‘on this day’ session on his official Instagram account and recalled the day they wrote the Ten Years Gone song.

Ten Years Gone recorded in 1974 that featured in their sixth studio album named Physical Graffiti. The seven minutes long song produced by Jimmy Page, and written by both Page and Robert Plant.

Jimmy stated that on this day in 1974, he brought out this song to the band members and said that he had already worked out the guitar parts in his home studio and mentioned that Robert Plant caught the mood of the song immediately and wrote the lyrics.

As he praised the songwriting talent of Plant by saying that it has timeless lyrics, he also called the song itself as timeless as well. In this way, he revealed how much he likes this iconic song.

Here is what Jimmy Page wrote:

“On this day in 1974, Led Zeppelin recorded Ten Years Gone — a song that I had brought to the party at Headley Grange.

I’d already worked out the guitar orchestration for this at my home studio in Plumpton. Robert caught the mood immediately and wrote timeless lyrics to this timeless song.

We also began the recording of Trampled Under Foot on this day, with the working title Brandy and Coke. Trampled Under Foot developed in situ and was kicked off by John Paul Jones.”

You can listen to the song below and check out the post by clicking here.