Jimmy Page Recalls The Unusual Questioning By The Officials During His Trip To Myanmar

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page made another ‘on this day’ session via his official Instagram account and shared a story about his time in Bangkok.

For over a year, Jimmy Page has been keeping their followers entertained during the coronavirus outbreak by sharing lots of great memories from the past, and this time, he has another story to share.

While Jimmy was saying that he always had an ambition to visit Burma, now is known as Myanmar, he also revealed the interesting conversation he had with the officials that you might be surprised.

According to Jimmy, he was asked if he is going to perform or not even though Jimmy was going there just for a trip, and his answer was no. Afterward, the official told Jimmy that he hopes it’s the truth because he could get in trouble if he plays in there.

Here is what Jimmy Page wrote:

“It had always been an ambition of mine to visit Burma, now Myanmar, and on this day in 2009, aided by a visa processed by the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok, I was in Rangoon, soon to travel to Bagan.

When I applied for my visa in Bangkok, I was asked if I was going to perform a concert in Myanmar and I assured the gentleman I was not. In fact, I was to leave my guitar there in Bangkok. The official said he hoped I was telling the truth because if not he might get into trouble.

I hope my photographs (of Rangoon, Bagan and Mandalay) convey just some of the visual splendour and mystery of this country.”

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