Jim Root Says Slipknot Has Something In Common With Radiohead

During a recent chat with Music Radar, Slipknot co-lead guitarist Jim Root disclosed how the heavy metal act has been going through the same creative processes Radiohead and the Beatles went through and explained the common denominator between these three bands.

As music is timeless, the concept has been evolving through many decades and under different circumstances; each time is adding a new layer to its breathing body. This very fact requires musicians to keep up with the ongoing pace of evolving genres and tunes. While many solo artists and bands greatly value their early catalogs, musicians also know that they must shed their skin to adapt to new eras.

Jim Root made this exact point as he examined how Slipknot had to evolve through time to grasp new characteristics and musical qualities. As much as the audience may love the band’s second studio record, 2001’s ‘Iowa,’ or their third full-length album, 2004’s ‘Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses),’ Slipknot isn’t the same band who produced those two projects back in the day. Root was quite aware that they had no choice but to evolve.

Root continued his words by stating that he was still trying to learn how to be more lyrically creative because it was an ongoing process to get better every new day. He emphasized that throughout their careers, Radiohead and the Beatles also always adapted to new versions of themselves as they evolved with time.

The guitarist explained:

“We are still trying to evolve as a band. I mean, we have to evolve. There is no way around it. We are not the same band that put out the ‘Iowa’ record. We are not the same band that put out ‘The Subliminal Verses.’ We are just not those people anymore.

That is why I say that I am still trying to learn how to write ‘cos you want to evolve. If you look at certain bands, like Radiohead or even the Beatles, look at the way they evolved over time.”

The musician explained that he valued Slipknot’s early projects, such as their self-titled debut album and, of course, the commercial success, ‘Iowa.’ Root acknowledged that these works made the most of their career, and they still perform various songs from the early albums. Yet, Slipknot had to look forward and move onto a new era while protecting their initial identity.

The Slipknot musician said the following:

“I do not want to get away from this, from the ‘Iowa’ record, the self-titled record; those are a huge part of our career, and we still play those songs to this day, and it is a huge part of what we are. So, how do you maintain that and then also get to express yourself and evolve musically.”

Embracing their origins while changing into a new skin, Root expressed, was the right way for a musician to evolve. The heavy metal band had to keep up with the contemporary times and circumstances as the guitarist made an example of Radiohead and the Beatles’ careers. New music is also on the way as Slipknot will release their seventh studio record, ‘The End, So Far’ on September 30.