Jeff Scott Soto Recalls Yngwie Malmsteen Threatening And Kicking Him Out

Jeff Scott Soto, who had worked with Yngwie Malmsteen on the guitarist’s first two albums, recently sat down with Marcelo Vieira of Igor Miranda and recalled when Malmsteen threatened to cancel a show if Soto stayed in attendance.

Although they made music together in the past, Malmsteen and Soto don’t get along well since they have made harsh statements targeting each other in recent years. Another incident happened between them last year when the vocalist shared a Facebook post claiming he was asked to leave a Malmsteen concert.

The singer explained that he was actually there to see the supporting band rather than Malmsteen’s show. So, he didn’t intend to stay to see the guitarist perform. However, two people in the club approached him and said that Malmsteen would not be playing that night if he remained at the venue. Yet, following his post, Malmsteen denied Soto’s claim by saying he had made all those up to keep himself in the spotlight.

During a new chat, the vocalist talked about this incident and said he shared it on Facebook because he thought it was funny. He also expressed that he had no reason to lie about such a thing. He was indeed there to see his friend’s band perform, and it was a place he regularly went to. He would have already left the venue before Malmsteen took the stage.

Recalling the incident between him and Malmsteen, Soto said:

“I thought it was kind of funny. When I posted about it that night, I was doing it because inside, it was so unbelievable; I was laughing. I was like, ‘I have to share this because it is so silly,’ but then to be called a liar about it made it even funnier to me because why would I lie something about that? Why would I even care to go to any extreme to see somebody who doesn’t want to see me or doesn’t want me around them?

Of course, I was there to see my friend’s band playing. They invited me; it is a place I go to all the time. I didn’t feel it was any harm gonna be done if I just kind of stayed in the corner. Of course, when the word was out that I was there. I was told if I was gonna remain in the building, the show would be canceled. It’s a thousand-one billion percent truth behind that. I was two guys came up to me that I knew worked there. They said, ‘I don’t know what this is about Jeff, but I’m sorry to tell you that we have been informed if you don’t leave, the show’s going to be canceled.’

I was going to leave anyways. I was there to watch my friend’s band. When they were finished, I was paying my bill to the bartender, who is also a very good friend of mine, and everybody watched that happening, and we were just like, ‘Can you believe this?’ I wasn’t there for the Yngwie show. I wasn’t planning to stay. I didn’t sneak in. It was none of that. Of course, it was so silly to me; it was hilarious.”

So, Malmsteen claimed that Soto had actually sneaked into the venue and made up this story to grab media attention. He wouldn’t cancel a show due to him. Yet, according to what the singer said, he wasn’t there for the guitarist’s concert. He found it really funny when Malmsteen called him a liar.