Yngwie Malmsteen Says Jeff Scott Soto’s Stalking Him And Neal Schon

Yngwie Malmsteen recently shared a few posts targeting Jeff Scott Soto on his official social media accounts. The guitarist said he should stop stalking him and Neal Schon and get help.

Jeff Scott Soto came into prominence for being the vocalist on Yngwie Malmsteen’s first two albums. Soto provided vocals for the guitarist’s 1984 debut album, ‘Rising Force,’ and the second album, ‘Marching Out,’ released in 1985. Later on, Soto performed also in Malmsteen’s ninth studio album, ‘Inspiration,’ consisting of covers from various bands. The two names don’t get along well since they have made harsh statements targeting each other in recent years.

The latest dispute started when Jeff Scott Soto shared a post on Facebook and claimed the venue asked him to leave Yngwie Malmsteen’s concert on May 19. Soto wrote he was in that club to watch a supporting band. The rocker knew Malmsteen would also take the stage but didn’t intend to stay for his show. Then, someone told him the show wouldn’t get started if he remained at the venue.

Here are Jeff Scott Soto’s statements regarding the incident:

“Hey, my peeps, here’s a fun little diddy for you! I went to the Canyon Club tonight, my local watering hole, for the past 21 years. It’s like my cheers where everybody knows my name. I went to see one of the support bands who were killers. By the way, I hesitated on going because my former ahem ‘boss’ was headlining, but I was not planning to stay anyway.

Well, word got to him. I was in the house, and I was kindly told as long as I was present, the show would be canceled. Now I’ve seen it all! I left as planned, but it’s funny. I just had to share the ludicrousness (not a real word but seems to fit the detail) that continues in 2022. I laughed all the way home! I’m sure this will be shared like crazy, but I couldn’t help but share it with you all. Good times!”

However, Yngwie Malmsteen denied what the singer claimed on his Facebook and Twitter posts. The guitarist asserted that Jeff Scott Soto has made up stories to keep himself in the spotlight. Malmsteen wrote he would never cancel a show due to him. According to the guitarist’s version of events, Soto entered the venue without paying, so he was kicked off by security. Malmsteen stated Soto has been doing the same thing for years to get media attention. The guitarist heard Soto also stalks Neal Schon. Malmsteen told Soto to stop stalking them and get help as soon as possible.

Malmsteen’s version of the incident:

“Hmmm…. Some people are making up stories to be in the media again. Kids, don’t believe made-up bullsh*t from people trying to stay relevant! He’s not important for me to cancel my show to my fans. On the other hand, I was told by my agent that he snuck in there without paying, so the security threw him out.

Certain people make up stories. They turn up at my show, get kicked out by security because they snuck in the venue without paying, then turn around and make up a story to try and grab media attention. Some people are sick. Stop stalking me and get help.

The guitarist’s Twitter post read:

“One last thing on the subject because I refuse to give any more energy to it. After almost 40 years, wrap your head around that number 40 years; this guy has slandered smeared made-up stories to get media attention. Stop stalking me and get help!”

His next tweet follows:

“So I have heard from many people that a certain person also stalks Neal Schon, oooffff… Get help and leave us alone! On a nicer note, let’s celebrate hitting more than half a million listeners on Spotify alone.”

You can check out the tweets below.