Jeff Scott Soto Accuses Mike Portnoy Of Going Behind His Back

Jeff Scott Soto recently accused his Sons of Apollo bandmate Mike Portnoy of going behind his back while talking to the Metal Mixtape.

Portnoy shared a few days ago that he’d be reuniting with Dream Theatre full-time, as the band announced that they would be starting to work on their next album and tours.

Soto Felt Betrayed

However, although Portnoy’s return to Dream Theatre was a nice surprise for fans, Soto was a bit bitter about the drummer ‘going behind his back.’ The frontman said:

First of all, I’m pissed off at Mike because I consider us really good friends, and he did not tell me… I honestly did not know.”

Still, although he didn’t have any clue about Dream Theatre getting back together, the frontman was still appreciative of the band’s reunion, as he shared his feelings on the topic:

“I felt it [the reunion] would, or could, happen eventually. I mean, how mean, how could it not? That’s such an important band in rock history and his life that it would make sense for them at least to do one more go-round.”

Soto Was Bitter About The ‘Full Time’ Reunion

Well, although Soto seemed supportive of the band’s comeback, he seemingly felt that a ‘full-time’ reunion wasn’t what he hoped for. The vocalist pointed out:

“I didn’t expect him to join the band full-time again, which is great for Dream Theatre fans. They’re all elated; everybody is excited. And it makes perfect sense for us because I don’t have to dodge the ever-going question about, ‘What’s next for Sons of Apollo.’”

Soto then explained how there was nothing next for Sons of Apollo as Portnoy had left and that he would be, like the drummer, focusing on other projects.

Check out Scott’s full chat here.