Ted Nugent Says He Has A Very Rare Disease Like A ‘Wuhan Weaponized Virus’


Rock music’s one of the most controversial musicians, Ted Nugent, recently stated that he has a very rare disease during one of his live streams on his official YouTube channel. Apparently, the rocker has the flu, and he resembled it to a ‘Wuhan weaponized virus.’

Ted Nugent has been persistently talking about the coronavirus pandemic, describing the outbreak as a great plan devised by numerous people, including Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Anthony Fauci, deliberately to kill people. According to the musician, the entire crisis is nothing but a deception since the number of COVID-19 deaths is exaggerated.

The rocker, who is an anti-masker and anti-vaxxer, previously stated that the pandemic isn’t as big as they claim it is. At least, it’s not as serious as to shut down all the places all across the United States since there have been way worst diseases in history that didn’t require the same precautions.

Nugent also thinks that COVID-19 is a weapon created in a Wuhan lab, and the government is trying to experiment on people since the coronavirus vaccine is an unauthorized, untested, non-FDA-approved emergency shot. Furthermore, the rocker resembled the vaccine to Nazi experiments in one of his live streams a few months ago.

The musician experienced what it’s like to test positive for the coronavirus as he contracted the disease back in April 2021. He wasn’t vaccinated and considered the virus the same as the flu, which could’ve ended badly. Fortunately, the rocker felt better within a short period and continued to talk ill about the coronavirus pandemic.

During a recent live stream, Ted Nugent said that he has a very rare disease at the moment. While he initially worried his fans, his incredibly rare condition that was unheard of turned out to be the flu. Nugent didn’t forget to mention that the coronavirus is just like the flu and stated that his ‘disease’ is like a ‘Wuhan weaponized virus.’

Nugent’s statement follows:

“Hey everybody. Happy January 6, 2022. We’ve gone through claustrof*ck 2020, and the royal claustrof*ck of 2021, but let’s say we have a happy new year. This is my first happy new year than the sixth day of January 2022, whether it’s [right] or not I can’t remember because I have a really rare disease. It’s unheard of. In fact, we thought it was cured, but I have the flu. Hey, how about that? It’s like a Wuhan weaponized virus, but just the traditional flu.”

You can see the entire live stream down below.