Jeff Beck’s Ill-Fated Guns N’ Roses Performance

Jeff Beck was born in 1944 and has been involved with music since his teenage days. He made a name for himself in the rock scene when he collaborated with the Yardbirds, just like his fellow musicians Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. After his tenure in Yardbirds, he built a fanbase with the Jeff Beck Group but has also collaborated with several musicians.

The musician has worked with names like Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, Roger Waters, and many more. Guns N’ Roses were supposed to be one of them in the early ’90s. However, this collaboration could not be actualized due to an interesting incident that occurred during the rehearsals. What got in the way of this collaboration was a cymbal crash.

When Did Jeff Beck Suffer From Temporary Hearing Loss?

Guns N’ Roses hit the road in 1991 for their Use Your Illusion Tour, which would last about two years. In the European leg of the tour, there was a stop in Paris on June 6, 1992, where Jeff Beck would join the band on stage. Thus, Beck flew to France beforehand to start the rehearsals for their show.

At some point, Matt Sorum decided to do a sound check after rehearsing with Jeff Beck in the dressing room. When Matt hit the base drum, a loud sound reached Beck’s ear, which felt like ‘forty million wattshad gone through him. To make matters even worse, the guitarist had been struggling with tinnitus for a while.

Unfortunately, the musician temporarily lost his hearing. Recalling this moment in an interview with Clash in 2010, Jeff Beck expressed his astonishment with feeling the sound in such a powerful way. Beck said he experienced this when Matt hit just one bass drum and stated that no one could tell where the sound was coming from.

Jeff Beck recalled that moment as follows:

“I went over to Paris to do a show with Guns’ N’ Roses. We’d rehearsed in the dressing room and went out to do a sound check. Matt hit one bass drum, and it was like forty million watts going through me, and I had to walk away. People still don’t know where the sound comes from. Something in the brain synthesizes a frequency that you’ve actually lost.”

Although Jeff Beck could not attend, the Paris concert was held on June 6 at the Hippodrome de Vincennes. A cymbal crash had prevented the exciting cooperation, but Guns N’ Roses still rocked the stage with their setlist including ‘You Could Be Mine,’ ‘Wild Horses,’ ‘It’s So Easy,’ ‘Live and Let Die,’ and many more hits in the summer of 1992.