Jason Isbell Shares The Similarity Between Paul McCartney And The Wings And His Solo Work

Jason Isbell recently got interviewed about his new album. The album came out this Friday, and according to Variety‘s comment, the closing track ‘Miles’ has a resemblance to the Paul McCartney and the Wings sound. Hearing this comment, Isbell replied:

“Yeah, it’s kind of an epic journey on that song. While we were in the studio, I called it Neil Young and Wings.

The interview goes on with an explanation of the song, which later Isbell explained:

“Yeah, I started off with the idea of, if you’re not emotionally available, how does that play out, and where can you wind up? What is it like to go through a normal life, making all the small decisions that you make that add up to the way that your life ends — what if you make them just like 10% more selfishly than you should?”

He then referred to the character in the so-named song and told:

“And by the end of that, it sort of expands into this disconnected loneliness that the character feels. It’s really just my way of encouraging myself to keep working and keep trying to be more connected to the people around me. A lot of the songs that I write are like that — some are narrative-driven — but they’re still about this idea of: How does the path diverge, and what’s down either path?”

The singer seems to be influenced by Paul McCartney in earlier years as well. In an interview he had when the 2017 album ‘The Nashville Sound’ first came out, the singer mentioned a McCartney song as a ‘reference point’. He said:

“When we go in, we have some reference points. We’ll talk about some records that we’ve been listening to a lot lately. For this one, [Paul McCartney and Wings’] ‘Band on the Run’ kept coming up.[…]”

If you want to hear the Wings inspired song, click down below.