Jason Becker Confirms He Regained His Health After Scary Health Issues


Guitarist and composer who has been living with ALS for a long time, Jason Becker has posted a statement on his Instagram account announcing that he finally started to feel like himself again after his scary health problems.

One of the greatest and most influential guitarists in history, Jason Becker has been known to live with ALS for over 30 years. When he was a teenager, he was part of the guitar duo Cacophony along with his friend Marty Friedman. Then in 1989, when he was only 19 years old, he became the guitarist of David Lee Roth and wrote and recorded ‘A Little Ain’t Enough’, his third solo album.

A child prodigy of guitar, Jason felt a painful feeling in his leg at the age of 20 which then revealed that he has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), the disease with which Stephen Hawking was also diagnosed. After 30 years from his diagnosis, he still has his will to live, and his desire for making music has never stopped. With a system developed by his father, he communicates through eye movements and still makes music as he released his album ‘Triumphant Hearts’ back in 2018.

Becker was lately suffering from bacterial infection with the symptoms of shortness of breath and a rapid health rate which made him spend some time in the hospital. On May 21, Becker has announced on his Instagram account that he finally started to feel like himself after the health scare which he suffered for many months. He then added he thought he was on his way out. He thanked his supporters and fans sincerely and said he felt good energy surrounding him. Jason continued by expressing his appreciation to the musicians who got together and raised funds to support him, and stated that he hopes to go back to making music soon.

Becker’s post read as follows:

“Hey everyone,

I am finally starting to feel like myself again, after many months of scary health issues, and thinking I was on my way out. Once again, thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes; I honestly feel that energy, and I’m very grateful. It feels so good to know you are out there and your kindness and support bring tears to my eyes.

How can I possibly thank Herman Li, Nayla, Colleen, Stephen, Amy, and all the musicians who got together and donated their time and guitars and put their hearts into their music, all for my benefit? Your loving words and gestures are humbling and I am honored. Thank you all. I am blessed beyond belief for each and every one of you.

I am hoping to be able to check in on the computer and try to keep up with everything as much as my energy will allow me, and I hope to get back to music, in some form, as much as I can.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My family and I could not have gotten this far without you all.

Jason Becker.”

It has been known that beginning in March, Becker’s family, friends, and fans got together to raise funds to support him, by the Shred For Jason Becker fundraising initiative hosted by Dragonforce’s Herman Li on his Twitch channel. To support, the world’s greatest guitarists gathered and donated autographed guitars to the Jason Becker Reverb shop, raising nearly $250,000.

Below is the picture Becker has shared on his Instagram.

Photo Credit: Jason Becker – Instagram