James LaBrie Shares Neil Peart’s Thoughts On Being A Perfect Drummer

Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie joined an interview with Breaking Absolutes in which he revealed his thoughts on Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart, who died of brain cancer on January 7, 2020.

James LaBrie is quite busy these days as they released a new album called ‘A View from the Top of the World’ on October 22, which is Drem Theater’s fifteenth studio album. The record was enjoyed by fans and critics who applauded the band’s return to progressive heavy metal and praised their songwriting.

Besides that, James is also working on a new solo album which will be released within 2021. This will be his first solo release since 2013’s ‘Impermanent Resonance’ and fifth solo record in total. LaBrie had said before that he is not working with the usual musicians that helped him in the other solo albums but will be collaborating with a new fine musician whose name he didn’t want to reveal.

During the interview, the vocalist shared his opinions on live concerts and also mentioned the legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart. As Neil Peart told him before, it is impossible to be 100% on every performance. The musician then said they are aware that the audience will probably not notice their mistakes, but they know they are still there.

As LaBrie said:

“The fact is – you can’t be 100% on the ball every single night that you go out there. Even Neil Peart himself!

I keep coming back to him, but he even said, ‘What other job can you say to me that you are expected to be 100% on each and every time you are doing that? That’s not possible, that’s not feasible!’ This is coming from one of the greatest drummers. And that’s true.

We’ll be on there, and even though it might be a subtle mistake, for us, we’re like, ‘Nobody’s gonna know that you did that, don’t worry about it.’ But yourself, you’re sitting there, and you go, ‘Yeah, but it’s there…’

Especially ourselves because we are under the microscope, and whenever we’re playing, because of the kind of band we are, our fans just tend to be a little more critical.”

You can have a listen to the full interview below.