James Hetfield’s Opinion On Highly-Anticipated Acoustic Album


Acoustic albums have a different place for some listeners as they embrace a softer side of the artists, and they mainly convey a different set of emotions. The acoustic versions also allow the listeners to pay more attention to the voice of the artists, the song’s lyrics, and the instrumentation. Many fans would like to hear new takes on the songs they love, so they demand the artists present them with unique interpretations of these tracks.

Some listeners even like the acoustic version of songs more than their original. Fans even tend to develop a special attachment to the acoustic versions as they offer a more raw sound than the studio versions. That’s probably why many fans ask for the artist to come up with an acoustic album. One of the most anticipated bands to make an acoustic album is Metallica, and let’s take a look at James Hetfield’s views on this subject.

What Does James Hetfield Think About A Possible Acoustic Album?


Metallica released their first acoustic record, titled ‘Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic at the Masonic,’ in 2019. It was recorded during their concert at San Francisco’s Masonic Auditorium. It was a unique addition to the band’s discography as the fans and music critics appreciated the record.

For years, the fans have been excitedly waiting for Metallica to make an all-acoustic album. The success of ‘Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic at the Masonic’ also stirred up the high expectations of the fans. Apparently, there are still many songs that the fans hope to hear in an acoustic version.

During an interview with BBC in 2016, James Hetfield replied to a question about a possible acoustic album in the future by saying that he never says never as they did things they didn’t expect from themselves in the past. Hetfield referred to the concert film ‘Metallica: Through the Never,’ filmed during their show in Antarctica in 2013, and their collaboration album with Lou Reed in 2011.

According to him, none of these were what they expected from themselves, but they did happen somehow. Thus, Hetfield implied that the possibility of making an all-acoustic album is always there. Maybe the fans will get what they want in the future as the band doesn’t have strict rules for their upcoming career plans.

James Hetfield speaking on a possible acoustic album from the band:

 “I never say never on anything. In this band, we’ve done lots of things that we had no clue we’d even want to do, movies, playing Antarctica, and making an album with Lou Reed. So I never say never. We’ve got no agenda than just to play and have a good time.”

The singer stated that all they intend to do is go there and play their music. They just want to enjoy it at this point, and they are never closed to other new options, but they mostly favor going with the flow. There is still no news from the band on this topic, but there is hope for this to happen someday.