James Hetfield Admits Being Jealous Of Lars Ulrich

James Hetfield has gone through conflicts with fellow bandmates, but it seemed that the problem he had with Lars Ulrich was a bit different than usual. During a recent chat with the New Yorker, James opened up about his struggle dealing with Lars’ personal life and why he was jealous of the drummer at one point.

The frontman has experienced numerous challenges throughout his life, from struggling with alcohol addiction to finding a faithful presence in his life and family. So, over the years, Ulrich has become an important figure in James’ life, and when the drummer invited a few friends over to his house, the singer was jealous upon seeing that he also had other people in his life.

“Will I ever admit that I found it?” told Hetfield as he discussed finding a true sense of belonging in his life. “Will I ever allow myself to be happy enough to say I found it? Maybe that’s a lifelong quest, the search for family. When my family disintegrated early on in life, I found it in music; I found it in the band.”

He then reflected on getting jealous of Lars when he had other friends at his house. James recalled, “I remember Lars being the first one to buy a house and have friends over, and I was, like, ‘Who are these people? You didn’t invite me! You’re cheating on me with another family!’

Even though Metallica has fans worldwide and the band has become family with their audience over the years, feeling connected to that community is still complicated for Hetfield. He stated, “Obviously, our fans have become a kind of worldwide family. But at the end of the day, they say they love you, and you kind of go, ‘Ok… what does that really mean?’”

The singer struggled with finding a presence in his life due to family issues. So in his early life, he built his life around music and Metallica bandmates. So, when Lars threw a party, Hetfield felt jealous of the drummer for having other friends and perhaps was scared that Ulrich would choose other people over him.

This might show how the bond between the two rockers has been as strong as it could ever be and proves Hetfield’s value for his bandmate. The struggle with belonging and finding a presence in James’ life is also one of the unusual concepts in their newest record, ‘72 Seasons,’ and check out why the band picked this name to title their new album.