Dan Reynolds Admits Writing A Secret Hit Song As A Ghostwriter

During a recent interview with the Howard Stern Show, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds opened up about his career as a songwriter and revealed he had composed a hit pop song for which he received no writing credits.

In today’s music industry it’s common for artists to collaborate with one another to produce catchy tunes and powerful lyrics. Yet, it can also be argued that many contemporary musicians prefer to buy their songs from a ghostwriter and then, turn them into hits. As the number of original songwriters is on the decrease, Dan Reynolds recently disclosed that he was one of those ghostwriters before he began his journey with Imagine Dragons.

As Howard Stern discussed Reynolds’ talent for making hit songs, the host expressed his surprise that no musician has ever approached Dan to write a song for them. The frontman exclaimed that he had, in fact, made his way to the industry as a ghostwriter. Before there were any projects with his band, Reynolds was writing for other musicians.

The frontman stated:

”I started as a songwriter; as a ghostwriter, in fact. So, before the band happened; I was doing ghost writing for pop stars.”

When Stern asked the singer if he had any hits the audience may be familiar with, Reynolds asked him to define a ‘hit song.’ As the frontman had written various tracks for other stars, he explained that there was one song that achieved significant commercial success in the music charts. Yet, he wouldn’t name the track.

Reynolds revealed:

”I mean, define hits. I’ve had some songs, one of which that I’m a ghostwriter on, I can’t say the name, that did well.”

As the frontman explained that he couldn’t disclose the name of the song and that he received no writing credits for it; Howard Stern asked if the situation annoyed him because the track was, after all, Reynolds’ creation. The musician expressed that he didn’t feel that way.

Dan explained that he had written the song for financial profit and was given a certain subject to compose about. The frontman revealed that he didn’t put his name on it because he didn’t want to receive any credits for the hit song. Furthermore, Dan didn’t feel that the song was his anyway. If he were to feel that way he wouldn’t have sold the song for others to sing.

The musician’s take on the matter if he was annoyed with receiving zero credit:

”No, that was just more like, making money for the family. You know, I don’t see it as that. I wasn’t like I was writing a song… They were like, ‘Write a song about this.’ So, it was not for me. I wouldn’t give a song away if I felt like it was that. I didn’t put my name on it because I didn’t want to be a part of that.”

It’s apparent that in his early days as an artist, Dan did what he had to do for making a living within the music industry. As the successful musician managed to pave his way into the pop rock scene with various hits, he released his sixth studio album, ‘Mercury – Act 2’ with Imagine Dragons a couple of months ago. The band is currently on tour with their next performance set to take place in Colombia.

You can watch the interview below.