Iggy Pop Was Very Easy To Work With, Andy McCoy Explains

In a recent episode of the Vintage Rock Podcast, Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy sat down to share some of his experiences. Among many topics, he talked about his time spent working with singer-songwriter Iggy Pop.

McCoy has a history with Iggy that stretches back to the late 1980s. The duo came together under unusual circumstances when Andy filled in for Sex Pistols’ guitarist Steve Jones on Pop’s ‘Instinct’ tour for the album they had worked on together. Jones, facing legal issues, couldn’t leave the US, opening up an opportunity for McCoy to step in.

Being a substitute on a high-profile tour can be challenging, but McCoy had a smooth experience. Andy attributed the pleasant experience to Iggy’s personality and professionalism during this period and their collaborations on several occasions.

Andy McCoy’s words about working with Iggy Pop read:

“He is an extremely intelligent guy; it’s a great performance, so he was very easy to work with, very professional, very good I haven’t got a better word to say about it.”

During their time on the ‘Instinct’ tour, Andy and Iggy had a highly eventful trek together. However, McCoy’s statement confirms that they were able to work together seamlessly, resulting in a positive and productive experience overall.