Iggy Pop Shares The Beatle Who Made Him Starstruck

No matter how famous anyone is in the industry, it is almost impossible to avoid getting starstruck when meeting a Beatle. When Iggy Pop had the chance to spend some time with Ringo Starr, the singer confessed to Audacy Music that he was also taken aback by his presence and even slurred his words.

“It’s funny because I did a thing with Ringo, a charity thing, and we took the pictures and everything; it wasn’t a problem,” shared Iggy about their initial meeting that went smoothly. “I wasn’t starstruck to have met him or anything, but we went into a little Club to watch The Hives play, and they played really well.”

He continued, “We’re in this little club, and I was just sitting there. I didn’t have anything to say. There was a lull between the tunes, so I asked him, ‘Hey, so how do you like living in Monaco?’ [misponounces the name], and of course, I knew that you know it’s Monaco and not Monaco.”

Amid his laughs, Iggy Pop recalled, “However, I was nervous, so he said, ‘It’s Monaco, man, you know it was boring, nothing for Barbara to do, so we moved to LA, and that was sad, you know,’ but I thought later why the f*ck, why was I starstruck, but I was, and I don’t get that way you know.”

Iggy Pop, who has achieved commercial success in his own right, felt starstruck after sitting down with a Beatle and having a conversation in a club, as this is not something that happens every day to most musicians in the industry. However, it s clear that it has become a funny memory that the musician doesn’t hesitate to share with his fans and loved ones.