‘If A Bomb Dropped There Would Be Cockroaches, Keith Richards, And Ozzy,’ Sharon Osbourne Says

In a new interview with Planet Radio, Sharon Osbourne shared further details on her husband, Ozzy Osbourne’s health. She has acknowledged her husband’s health being so good that she is sure Ozzy would survive an apocalypse with the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards alongside cockroaches.

When asked how Ozzy has been doing in terms of health, she said:

“He’s doing good. Each time when I make a trip to England Ozzy has wanted to come and every single time something happens that he can’t make it. I just don’t want to bring him to the cold because cold weather is no good for people with Parkinson’s – muscles seize up – so I’ve told him ‘not this trip’ when it gets a bit warmer!”

Sharon Osbourne is sure that Ozzy is ‘not going anywhere’:

“But Ozzy has got nine lives – he’s not going anywhere. If a bomb dropped there would be cockroaches, Keith Richards and Ozzy!”

Ozzy’s Health Concerns

Over the years, Ozzy has faced various health challenges, including a 2019 fall that aggravated a decade-old spine injury and his 2020 Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. With a touch of humor, he likened undergoing surgery to ‘going over for a f*cking haircut.’ The 74-year-old also acknowledged that his condition has ‘improved somewhat’ since seeking treatment, although he still grapples with mobility issues from time to time.

Seven months after retiring from touring due to structural damage to his spine, the Black Sabbath frontman revealed that he will not pursue further surgeries on his neck and back following his fourth procedure, ‘regardless of the way it ends.’

Richards Escaped Death Many Times

The guitarist boasts a music career spanning an impressive sixty-one years, marked by numerous albums such as ‘Exile on Main St.,’ ‘Let It Bleed,’ and ‘Sticky Fingers.’ His journey includes an array of chart-topping hits like ‘Gimme Shelter,’ ‘Sympathy for the Devil,’ and ‘Paint It, Black,’ along with record-breaking live performances as a guitarist for the Rolling Stones.

Fans have revered him as a living legend for decades. This enduring admiration ensures that long after Richards is physically gone, his legacy will persist through the continued appreciation of his fans, effectively making him immortal in the eyes of those who admire his contributions.

However, in addition to all of his contributions, he escaped death many times.

Richards narrowly survived the London Bombings of 1944 with his mother, marking an early encounter with a potentially fatal incident. During his teenage years, Richards faced strychnine poisoning while experimenting with substances, leading his friends to believe he had died. In another near-death experience, a forgotten lit cigarette caused a fire while he was in bed with his then-girlfriend Anita Pallenberg. Both managed to escape the flames, avoiding severe injuries or worse. He also faced a stage incident where he was electrocuted after hitting his mic stand with the neck of his guitar.

Despite all of these accidents, he stands still.