How Elizabeth Fraser And Robin Guthrie Brought The End Of Cocteau Twins

Following their formation in 1979, Cocteau Twins became the pioneers of dream pop throughout the next two decades. The band gained recognition for their ethereal and effects-driven sound, which solidified their place among other dream pop artists. On top of that, their lead singer Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals and lyrics directly contributed to their sound and the mood of their entire catalog.

From their first album titled ‘Garlands,’ released on July 10, 1982, Cocteau Twins made their names heard in alternative music since they peaked within the top 5 of the UK Independent Albums Chart. Two years later, they created their biggest hit in the UK, ‘Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops’ from their 1984 EP ‘The Spangle Maker.’ The song became their highest-charting single, peaking at number 29 on the UK Singles Chart and number 1 on the UK Indie Chart.

The band’s next decade was no different since they further secured their place in the music industry. Their fanbase grew with each record, but an inevitable incident happened in 1997. Cocteau Twins decided to part ways, and it was due to a romantic relationship between two band members.

The band’s career was going steadily as they had even signed a new recording contract with Mercury Records while touring. However, Elizabeth Fraser And Robin Guthrie ended their 13-year relationship in 1993. During the band’s entire career, the couple was together and even had a child named Lucy Belle, born in 1989. Guthrie entered rehab in the next few years, quitting alcohol and drugs, while Fraser underwent psychotherapy. The band reflected on those times in their 1993 release, ‘Four-Calendar Café.’

Though the band stood together for a while, Cocteau Twins disbanded in 1997 while recording what was going to be their ninth LP. The band members couldn’t recover from the turmoil after the breakup of Guthrie and Fraser. While their fans waited patiently for a reunion, such news didn’t come until 2005 when Cocteau Twins announced that they would be reforming to perform at the Coachella on April 30.

Unfortunately, the highly anticipated reunion was canceled a few days later when Elizabeth Fraser called it quits for her part. In an interview with the Guardian in 2009, Fraser explained her reason and said, “There’s still a sense of being committed.” She further explained her relationship with Guthrie, “But we’re not committed. We’re that different from each other now.”

Fraser then noted, “You take each other’s breath away by doing something or saying something they never saw coming.” The musician also talked about her bandmates and admitted how she preserved herself from those times, “They were my life. And when you’re in something that deeply, you have to remove yourself completely.”

Although the band was offered a considerable deal of money to reunite over the years, all members stayed away from each other. The love story of Fraser and Guthrie didn’t only end, but they also finished the successful career of the Cocteau Twins. The former members continued making music after the act’s demise as solo musicians but never as band members.