How Did Leaving Skid Row Affect Sebastian Bach’s Fortune? Here’s Bach’s Net Worth In 2021

Sebastian Bach has been widely known for being the lead vocalist of Skid Row even if he was fired from the band more than 20 years ago. He gained international fame and a great fortune as the frontman of Skid Row. Bach preserved his fame and wealth with his different supergroups, solo musical career, and acting career after his departure from the band.

Bach started his professional musical career at the age of fourteen after he had joined Kid Wikkid. Then, he became the lead vocalist of Skid Row after the original frontman Matt Fallon left the band in 1987. Sebastian was the unique voice behind the band’s albums ‘Skid Row,’ ‘Slave to the Grind,’ and ‘Subhuman Race.’ However, Bach was fired from the band due to personal conflicts with other band members in 1996.

Sebastian Bach Net Worth $5 Million

Even though the real reason behind Bach’s departure from Skidrow wasn’t revealed, most people thought that he was fired because he didn’t want the band’s being the opening band for a KISS tour. Later, he formed a supergroup named The Last Hard Men and also focused on his solo musical career. Bach released his debut solo studio album ‘Bring ‘Em Bach Alive!’ on November 2, 1999.

Sebastian also has been pursuing an acting career apart from his professional musical career. He participated in different movies and TV shows such as ‘A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica,’ ‘Rock of Age,’ ‘Trailer Park Boys,’ and ‘Gilmore Girls.’ Bach is one of the richest frontmen with having $5 million net worth thanks to his career in Skidrow, being a solo musician, and his acting career.