Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale Has Nothing Left To Teach Men In Rock

Being a rocker has never been easy, but being a woman and a rocker, well… it might get pretty challenging at times. Lzzy Hale recently met with some young women and aspiring musicians at the Rock Fantasy Camp and gave them advice on becoming a rockstar. However, Hale didn’t know what to say when the young rockers startled her with a question about the challenges of being a woman in rock. So she later took it to Instagram to answer the question.

“All hale the All Women’s Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp,” wrote Lzzy as she shared a few snapshots from her time with the young campers. “What an amazing experience! I’m so grateful to have been a part of this fellowship. Thank you from the bottom of my rock n roll heart to David Fishof, Britt Lightning, Grace Bowers, and all the amazing counselors for having me.”

She continued by thanking all the young aspiring rockers she’d met. Lzzy penned, “To the campers… I love you all! Hearing your stories, sharing your joy, and witnessing your tears and passion have inspired me beyond words. I saw myself in all of you. From the youngest to the oldest and from beginner to pro, this event was such a beautiful reminder that we are all the same and that we are not alone. I’m so excited to watch each of you blaze your individual trails.”

Hale then mentioned the question that left her pondering. The rocker said, “After jamming with the girls, I got asked a question I don’t think I’ve been asked before, and I’ve been asked a lot of questions in my day. The question was, ‘What do we teach our men about being a woman in rock?’ I was a bit taken aback by this question because I loved the sharp twist of the usual script.”

Even though they’d talked about the subject that very day, Lzzy still wanted to say a few words about it. She noted, “We all had a long conversation about it that afternoon and pieced together some good answers, but I want to share my thoughts with you now after pondering it for a few days.”

The Halestorm frontwoman believed that there was only one thing to teach the men in rock. Lzzy pointed out, “‘What do we teach our boys?’ To listen. Everything you are surrounded by is all you need to know, and it has been there the whole time. The women around you have been creating, innovating, leading, demonstrating, and proving our talents from the beginning.

Thus, women had nothing to teach as sex and gender didn’t matter when it came to being a rock star. “We have nothing left to teach, nothing more to dress up with pleasantries, and are not here to coddle this world’s ignorance. When you listen to a voice, a riff, a chord progression, a drum groove, or a bass line… the defining factor has nothing to do with what’s between your legs. Music speaks and has no gender.”

To Hale, all the men of rock had to learn was to listen and not judge. “So… ‘What do we teach our men about being a woman in rock?’ Nothing. Just listen. All the luck and love to my darling campers! Please tag me in all of your projects so I can keep up with your milestones! See you all on this grand ride.”

So, Lzzy was left pondering that question, and she decided that there was nothing left to teach the men in rock other than to listen to and respect women’s endeavors. Sex and gender had nothing to do with music or the ability to play an instrument, and there was no lesson for men in rock to learn about women.

Photo Credit: Lzzy Hale – Instagram