Guns N’ Roses Release New Song ‘Hard Skool’


Guns N’ Roses recently dropped out a brand new single ‘Hard Skool’ via YouTube and Spotify and thrilled the rock music fans once again.

Back in August, the iconic rock band released the first material since 2008’s ‘Chinese Democracy’ record, named ‘Absurd.’ The song is a reworked version of a previously released song named ‘Silkworms.’ Like the ‘Absurd’ single that was originally written during the ‘Chinese Democracy’ writing sessions, ‘Hard Skool’ is also created during that time period. Moreover, it got reworked throughout the years to find its final form.

Later on, Slash delighted the fans by sharing a new video on his TikTok account. In the video that was shot by his girlfriend, Slash was playing a new and unreleased song during the soundcheck before their show in North America. Following that, fans started to speculate about the inevitable release of ‘Hard Skool.’

While some of the fans were thinking that Slash did a teaser prior to the song’s release, Guns N’ Roses confirmed their thoughts yesterday by dropping the new single, ‘Hard Skool.’ As it turned out, that was the song Slash played earlier on TikTok.

The band announced the release in YouTube as:

“Guns N’ Roses – Hard Skool out now.”

You can check out the song below.