Graham Nash Gives An Update On His Health Status After A Tour Accident

The Hollies founder Graham Nash has persisted in creating music and taking the stage despite his advancing age. Unfortunately, the 80-year-old singer saddened his fans with his accident in the middle of the tour and recently conveyed his love for them via his official Instagram account.

In the previous months, Nash announced that he had expanded his 2022 US Tour dates and has been on the stage since summer. As Edmonds Beacon reported, the singer went on to his concert on October 4 at Edmonds Center for Arts sitting in a wheelchair and shared with the audience that he had fallen before the show.

Cheryl Foster stated that Nash, whose foot had been bothering him for a while, recently learned that he had three fractures and two muscle tears during his first day off. Despite his condition, the singer decided to get back on stage and gave the audience an unforgettable show as he played for 2 hours and 15 minutes at the sold-out concert.

Foster reported the following:

“His foot kept bothering him, so he had it checked out yesterday, their first day off. He has three fractures and two muscle tears. He did not say what the treatment plan would be. There was a sold-out crowd of 700. Graham and two band members performed for two hours and 15 minutes with a 20-minute intermission. Great show!”

Recently, the rocker gave an update about his current status and conveyed his gratitude to the fans who attended the tour’s second leg. He enthusiastically stated that he was keeping his energy alive despite the difficulty he faced, mentioning his accident. Nash expressed his gratefulness by thanking the fans for the support and love they showed during the shows.

Graham Nash wrote the following on his IG:

“Thank you to everyone who’s been out to see us on this leg of the tour so far. If you’ve been to a recent show, you know I had a bit of an accident before leaving for the tour, but my spirits are up, and all is good. On we go! Thanks for your support and love at these shows. We can feel it, and we’re really thankful!”

You can check out the IG post below.

Photo Credit: Graham Nash – Instagram