Gilby Clarke Opens Up About Replacing Izzy Stradlin Of Guns N’ Roses, ‘It Was So Dramatic’

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke revealed his feelings about replacing Izzy Stradlin during a recent appearance on Hangin’ & Bangin.

As you might already remember, Izzy Stradlin decided to leave the band due to the unhealthy lifestyle they had back in 1991, and Guns N’ Roses announced the addition of Gilby Clarke.

While Gilby was mentioning that he already knew the Guns N’ Roses members as a friend even before he joined the band, he also revealed how the band worked out when he joined them.

Gilby revealed that knew Izzy the best among the others, he also admitted that it felt odd to replace him. Additionally, Gilby pointed out that every day felt like a disaster with the band.

Here is what Gilby Clarke said:

“Well, the good thing for myself was, by the time I got in the band, I actually just turned 30, so from being around Hollywood all those years, you have some pretty crazy experiences, so by the time I got into the band, been around a little bit, and I knew the guys as friends.

And actually I knew Izzy the best, which was odd because I ended up replacing him, but what I kind of caught on with the band was, it just kind of seemed like it was a disaster every day, but for some reason, it always worked out.”

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