Gilby Clarke Clarifies Who Fired Him From Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose Or Slash

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke talked about his days on the band and explained who fired him from the band during a recent appearance on The SDR Show.

Gilby joined Guns N’ Roses in 1991 as he replaced Izzy Stradlin, and he was fired three years after playing with the band. According to Slash, the person who fired Clarke was Axl Rose.

Gilby wanted to clarify who did fire him from the band and said that even though Axl was the person who made this call, Slash is the one who told him about this decision.

While saying that Slash revealed to him that Axl doesn’t want him in the band anymore, Gilby also pointed out that this was the last conversation he had with the band.

Interviewer asked:

“Axl was the one that fired you, right?”

Gilby Clarke replied:

“Well, no. Slash is the one who came to me because Slash was my friend, and he said, ‘Look, Axl doesn’t want you in the band anymore. Let me just see what’s going on.’

And that was the end, the last conversation we ever had about it. And the next week, my check stopped, and that was it. Axl never supported me.”

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