Ghost’s Tobias Forge Shares His Failed Slayer Dream

Tobias Forge, the lead singer for Ghost, recently shared one of his disappointments, mentioning his failed dream to support Slayer. The frontman spoke to Louder Sound about the matter and revealed details about his dream.

The band has played with many big names, such as Metallica and Iron Maiden, but Forge’s dream still wasn’t fulfilled since he dreamt of doing so with his earlier death metal band, Repugnant. The singer expressed his disappointment:

“I learned the hard way in the late 90s that wanting to play 80s-inspired death metal with my band Repugnant was painfully out of touch with what was going on at the time. It broke my heart; I wanted us to be signed to Roadrunner and support Slayer.”

It seems that Forge’s emotions for the unfulfilled dream have changed. He added:

“That never happened, unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately, as it kept me grounded for a few more years, and if those things had happened, maybe I wouldn’t be here today.”

Earlier, Forge chose ‘Haunting the Chapel’ as his favorite Slayer song and stated that Slayer ‘in a way, were all the things that Metallica weren’t.’ He commented on what made Slayer so unique by describing them as the band who made all the ‘evil riffs’ back in their day and shared that the early Slayer was his favorite era of the band.

Ghost shared their latest album ‘Phantomime’ on May 19 and is now on tour, which is scheduled to end on September 12. See the dates here and listen to Forge’s favorite Slayer track down below.