George Harrison Was Glad That Pattie Boyd Chose Eric Clapton, Boyd Recalls

George Harrison and Eric Clapton were close friends, and their friendship didn’t fall apart even when Harrison’s then-wife Pattie Boyd fell in love with Clapton. Boyd recently opened up to People and revealed that the Beatle was actually content with her leaving him for the ‘Layla’ singer.

Pattie Boyd was unhappy in her marriage to George Harrison because the musician was having affairs, using substances, and neglecting her for the Beatles. “George and I were going in different directions,” Boyd told People about their marriage. “He was starting to distance himself from me.”

Following their divorce, the beautiful fashion icon began her relationship with Eric Clapton, who wrote his famous hit ‘Layla’ for her. Harrison and Clapton had a strong bond as friends, and this didn’t really impact their friendship at all. Instead, Pattie Boyd claimed that Harrison was glad she chose Clapton as her new lover.

Boyd recalled, “He said, ‘Well, I’m glad you’re going off with Eric instead of some idiot.’ So he appreciated my choice!” Eventually, she and Clapton tied the knot, and Harrison was present in the ceremony, jamming along with his fellow Beatles, McCartney, and Starr.

Although Eric Clapton was nervous about playing ‘Layla’ in front of George Harrison, it seems the Beatle didn’t have any issues concerning Clapton’s relationship with Pattie Boyd. Actually, he was glad his ex-wife didn’t leave him for some idiot, but chose his friend.