Gene Simmons Says Ron Wood Is A Better Bass Player Than He Is A Guitar Player

Gene Simmons, who is the co-founder and bass guitarist of KISS, spoke in a recent interview with Guitar World and talked about The Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood.

In the conversation, the interviewer asked how Gene is guiding himself to be the perfect bass guitarist, and Gene revealed the musicians that he took as his reference points.

As Gene mentioned The Beatles bass guitarist Paul McCartney, and Gene also named The Rolling Stone guitarist Ron Wood by saying that he is a very under-appreciated musician and praised his talent.

Furthermore, Gene claimed that Ron is a better bass player than he is a guitar player and said that Ron was doing more advanced things than the music he was playing over and showed his respect for the legendary musician.

Here is what Gene Simmons said:

“My reference points were people like Paul McCartney. Ron Wood is very under-appreciated. He’s a better bass player than he is a guitar player.

For anyone wanting to get better, I’d recommend picking up the first two Jeff Beck records – which in my estimation kills anything that Zeppelin and other folks put out in the same period. So much of it was live and came from jamming in the studio.

What Ron Wood was doing was actually more advanced than the music he was playing over, with more pushes and pulls and overall motion. It gives everything a sexy feel, with nice movement on the bottom.”

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