Gene Simmons Says English Rockers Are Looser With Same-Sex Relationships

KISS icon Gene Simmons recently made an appearance on the Pillowtalk show, during which he claimed English rockers are more comfortable with exploring same-sex relationships.

Most rock icons built a certain reputation in rock music history due to their hedonistic lifestyles and diving headfirst into the rock and roll scene. Especially back in the 1970s and 1980s, famous rock stars were surrounded by numerous groupies, alcohol, and drugs which fueled several antics behind the scenes.

Among those rockers was Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, who documented his life story and shared what it feels like to be a superstar in his autobiography titled ‘Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?’ In his memoir, Tyler shared his experiences from the early days through the glory days of Aerosmith while making some honest confessions.

In the book ‘Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?’ Tyler also admitted experimenting with other men when he was younger. However, he then stated that he realized same-sex relationships weren’t for him. Moreover, he had claimed that this curiosity stems from getting bored of having sex with many women.

During a recent interview, Pillowtalk’s Ryan and Dark told Gene Simmons about what Tyler wrote in his book and asked the musician whether it was true. As a response, Simmons said he would be the last one to know as he was busy working. However, he admitted that he has heard that English rockers were looser with same-sex relationships while Canadians and Americans were more rigid.

During the conversation, Pillowtalk’s hosts asked Gene Simmons the following:

“I read Steven Tyler’s book, and he said that a lot of people in rock and roll got bored of having sex with women. Is it true that all these rock stars used to kind of f*ck each other? The guys in the ’70s?”

Gene Simmons then responded:

“Oh God, I’d be the last one to know. I was too busy engorging myself in a bakery. I don’t know what anybody else is doing. But I had read that English rockers were looser with their experiences. I’m clear that Canadians and Americans especially are more rigid in their thinking and stuff. And we’re not fluid unless you’re talking about what comes out of our schmekle.”

You can watch the interview below.