Gene Simmons Names The Song That Doesn’t Sound Like KISS


In a recent interview with My Planet Rocks, Gene Simmons revealed the song that he believes didn’t reflect KISS‘ classic sound.

Gene Simmons has been a prominent figure on the American rock scene since the early ’70s. Over the course of his career, the eccentric bassist has composed, co-written, and been involved in various musical projects, including releasing twenty studio albums with KISS and following a solo path.

KISS has played a significant role in his life as he gained international recognition and commercial success with their characteristic sound, signature face paints, and hard rock tunes. The long band catalog has established a distinctive sound over the years, allowing KISS songs to be immediately recognized.

Simmons recently joined Ian Danter and opened up about his career and his journey with KISS. He discussed the success that came in through the band’s very first years and how he considers music as a crucial part of his life. Gene then mentioned his solo career and plans as an artist. When Danter asked him which song was KISS’ most underrated work, the bassist revealed that, in his opinion, ‘Psycho Circus’ does not sound like KISS.

The bassist’s thoughts on the song that doesn’t sound like KISS:

”It’s an excur song, off the record, we did called ‘Psycho Circus‘ which doesn’t sound at all like KISS.”

He then added the songs that make him the proudest as a composer and songwriter. Though he did not specifically mention the names of the songs, he discussed how the songwriting process progressed and the help he got from Bob Dylan, who agreed to work with him on the bassist’s solo project after Gene’s call.

Simmons recalled:

”The proudest song I ever co-wrote, they were a few of them actually, were off my solo record, and I wrote those songs with Bob Dylan, who I called out of the blue, and he was kind enough to come over to the house, and we sat around and came up them.”

Gene Simmons is currently on the ‘End of the Road’ tour with KISS, as the band says their final goodbyes to the fans. The band’s farewell tour was postponed because of the pandemic, and Paul Stanley has revealed that the tour is set to be finished by early 2023. Their next stop is Brisbane, Australia, as they will perform in several cities within the country.

You can listen to ‘Psycho Circus’ below.