Gene Simmons’ Illness Forces Temporary Break In KISS’ Manaus Performance

During their concert in Manaus, Amazonas, last Wednesday (12), KISS had to temporarily halt their performance when bassist and singer Gene Simmons experienced health issues on stage. Brazilian journalist Igor Miranda reported the incident, providing a detailed account of the events.

As part of their farewell tour, ‘End of the Road,’ the band performed for the first time in Manaus. However, the show took an unexpected turn when Simmons began feeling unwell. Videos shared on social media captured him playing while seated during part of the concert. Miranda reported that Simmons eventually asked a crew member to bring him a chair, after which he remained seated and motionless on stage.

The audience quickly noticed Simmons’ condition, signaling to singer and guitarist Paul Stanley to pause the show. Stanley promptly addressed the crowd, saying:

“We’ll need to stop and take care of him because we love him, right? Let’s give Gene a really loud ‘Gene’: 1, 2, 3! Ok! We’ll see you in a bit, we love you all.”

According to Igor Miranda’s report, the break lasted approximately 5 minutes. Simmons returned to the stage at the Amazon Arena, visibly improved and accompanied by a few fans. It is believed that the intense heat, with temperatures reaching 31°C in Manaus, may have contributed to Simmons’ health issue.

Miranda also mentioned that the concert, which featured opening acts Sepultura and Scorpions, continued as planned with a complete setlist. However, one element was removed from the show: Paul Stanley’s zip-line flight during the song ‘Love Gun.’ Citing safety concerns, the band chose not to perform the stunt, though they did play the song.