Gene Simmons Clarifies Why He Decided To Partner With Gibson On His New Signature Guitars

In an interview with American Songwriter, KISS icon Gene Simmons opened up about his decision to collaborate with Gibson on the new line of his signature guitar, G² Thunderbird Bass, which was previously announced to be released later this year.

As you may recall, last week, the bassist and co-founder of KISS, Gene Simmons posted a sneak peek video of his upcoming interview with Gibson TV during which he will talk about his exciting new partnership with Gibson. Gene stated in his post that his new project, ‘G², From Gene To Gibson,’ will introduce new collections of electric guitars and basses across Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer Brands. He also mentioned that in order to start the thrilling collaboration, the new G² Thunderbird Bass will be released later this year.

Recently, Simmons joined an interview with American Songwriter and answered questions about the decision process of his new collaboration with one of the most popular guitar brands, Gibson. During the conversation, Gene mentioned that he has played Gibson instruments earlier in the ’70s, including the Grabber and the Ripper.

Apparently, after a while, he wanted to add personal features to the instruments he has used which led to designing his own guitars. Simmons recalled the instruments he designed personally, the Axe and the Punisher, latter of which he did on his own without the help of any guitar companies.

Simmons stated that the CEO of Gibson, Cesar Gueikian, contacted the KISS icon personally almost six months ago and asked him whether he liked to join the Gibson family. Seemingly, Gene and Cesar hit off immediately and started their exciting partnership. Gene also mentioned the fact that they are not making drastic changes in the instruments but they are simply adding new features to make the guitars sound and look better.

Here is what Gene Simmons stated about his decision to partner with Gibson:

“Well, all through the years I’ve played in the ’70s, I played Gibson instruments. The Grabber, the Ripper. And I always thought, ‘hey, why don’t they give me a double-horn thing here. I want more access to the neck there.’ So, I started making my own instruments.

I designed and trademarked my own instruments. One was the Axe, which also qualifies as an invention. And the Punisher, which I did on my own without guitar companies or retail. I just sold them directly to the fans and 10,000 of those instruments have been sold. There’s a new CEO at Gibson, he’s a very cool guy. His name is Cesar Gueikian, who out of the blue contacted me and said, ‘Hey, I’ve always been a fan, I grew up with you. Do you want to join the Gibson family?’ We hit it off right away.

That was about six months ago, and that fact we’re launching stuff. We’re not drastically changing Gibson instruments. But we’re just adding different elements that make them cooler and sound better. And the co-venture is called ‘G2.’ We’re very excited, they and I. In fact, I took the very first instrument of the new one and played it live for hundreds of millions of people in Dubai.”

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