Geezer Butler Recalls How Black Sabbath Got Out Of The ‘Bad Place’ After Ozzy Osbourne Left

Black Sabbath bass guitarist Geezer Butler talked about the time when Ozzy Osbourne left the band during a recent appearance on The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

As you might remember, Black Sabbath decided to fire Ozzy from the band back in 1979, and replaced him with Ronnie James Dio. In the conversation, Geezer revealed the mood of the band during this period.

As Geezer mentioned that every single band member was really low and admitted that they were in a bad place. Even the record company sort of forgetting them according to Geezer.

After the addition of Dio and the return of Geezer, he stated that it felt like playing with a new band. Furthermore, Geezer said that you could feel the enthusiasm with everybody.

Eddie Trunk said:

“When you think about it in retrospect, it’s super-important that you ended up coming back. At that time I would think for Tony and Bill to mark it Sabbath with not only one, but two new members would’ve made it even more challenging.”

Here is what Geezer Butler said:

“Absolutely. I had a totally new enthusiasm for the band because towards the end of the Ozzy era, everybody was really low, and we were in a bad place.

The record company was sort of forgot about us, they weren’t behind us anymore, and it just needed a kick up the runt, and that was what we got when Ronnie came in.

And it felt like a whole new band when I came back. You could just feel the enthusiasm with everyone, it just worked.”

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