Geddy Lee’s Bold Choice For The ‘Greatest Rock Bassist Of All Time’

Geddy Lee is best known as the iconic rock band Rush’s lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist. Lee joined the band in 1968 at the request of childhood friend Alex Lifeson, replacing original bassist and lead singer Jeff Jones.

Rush was famous for its multi-layered settings and far-reaching lyrical themes. These were based heavily on science fiction, fantasy, and even philosophy. The band’s style has changed and evolved over the years. There were multiple phases before their last record when they returned to progressive rock.

The band started with blues-inspired hard rock; then moved on to progressive rock. In the 1980s, they even used synthesizers in their records. This evolution in their sound has made them unique. Rush members have been viewed as some of the most skillful players in their chosen instruments. They have won countless awards in magazine readers’ polls throughout their careers. Rush’s Geddy Lee once revealed the songs and musicians that influenced his remarkable career. One of his choices was rather a bold one.

Geddy Lee Picks John Entwistle As The Greatest Rock Bassist 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rush’s Geddy Lee talked about his choice for the greatest rock bassist of all time, John Entwistle. The rocker described Entwistle’s playing as incredibly bold and even mentioned his right hand.

While promoting his new book ‘Big Beautiful Book of Bass,’ Lee mentioned ‘My Generation’ from The Who. He describes the song as one of those songs that have inspired him in his own work. He also expressed his admiration for The Who as a band.

Lee’s words on his favorite song and his pick of the greatest rock bassist of all time :

“Seriously? A Pop song with bass solos? John ‘The Ox’ Entwistle was arguably the greatest rock bassist of them all, daring to take the role and sound of the bass guitar and push it out of the murky depths while strutting those amazing chops with his own kind of ‘Twang!’ The Ox’s playing was bold and incredibly dexterous. That right hand. Seriously?”

Another fact that makes ‘My Generation’ unique and well-known to fans is that Roger Daltrey sang the lead vocals with a stutter. Their manager asked him to stutter on this occasion as it felt more original.