Graham Nash Recalls His Final Disappointment With David Crosby

CSNY’s Graham Nash recently appeared on Louder Sound, discussing his relationship with David Crosby. During the interview, Nash revealed that the two had re-established contact a few days before Crosby’s passing away in January 2023. When asked about the days, he replied with the following:

“That’s correct. We were emailing and voice-mailing each other and had set up a Facetime for two pm my time in New York, 11 am in California, where he was.”

Crosby’s passing was announced soon after the call that was supposed to possibly make peace between the two. Here’s what Nash said about the phone call he awaited but disappointingly never received:

“I waited and waited [for the call], and it never came, and two days later, it was announced that he was dead.”

Nash was asked if he would have accepted to make peace with Crosby. The singer made it clear that he would, saying:

“If it was sincere, yes. And I do believe it would have been.”

The two had been close friends for many years. However, a few years before Crosby’s passing away, they had a beef about one of Neil Young’s romantic relationships. Crosby made some mocking comments about the relationship, calling her a purely poisonous predator, being the breaking point for Nash.

Despite Crosby’s apology, Nash shared that he didn’t want anything to do with Crosby ever again and that there would never be a CSNY record and another CSN record or show in his world.

Although Nash thought their making-up would be sincere, it is now uncertain whether the two parties would have made peace over the phone that day.