Gary Rossington’s Replacement Refutes Johnny Van Zant’s Lynyrd Skynyrd Plans

There have been remarks about a new Lynyrd Skynyrd album, which the most recent replacement guitarist for Gary Rossington recently denied.

Damon Johnson, the new guitarist of the band, recently appeared on Barstools & Bandtalk, revealing that Johnny Van Zant’s remarks about new music were not true.

Earlier, Van Zant spoke to Goldmine about a possible new Lynyrd Skynyrd album. He stated that the band intended to make an album before the passing away of their late guitarist, Gary Rossington, but it never happened when Rossington got sick. He also noted that there are a few songs that can be recorded in his honor.

In this recent interview, Johnson revealed that nothing about a new album was discussed in the band. After the host said that he heard something about a new album, the rocker declined the rumors and said:

“Something he may have said that in an interview, I can tell you that there has been not one word of that discussed in the band, in rehearsals or the van, to the venue or the hotels and that kind of stuff. But look, that’s all part of it. New music is fulfilling for the musicians in any band, and the new music, if you have something brand new to talk about, you got another tour coming up.”

He then shared what he learned from another rocker:

“I learned that from Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper didn’t need any new songs; he’s kinda going out there, and doing his 90-minute show, and he’s gonna play ‘Billion Dollar Baby,’ and ‘School’s Out,’ ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy,’ ‘Poison’ and it’s just like Skynyrd like any of these Legacy X men that have been very fortunate to have big songs in their careers.”

Despite not having a discussion about new music with the band, the rocker reflected his thoughts on the possibility of it:

“But everybody in the bands get a little fatigued of playing the same stuff all the time, so it’d be fun. Listen, that would be just a blast to write some songs with Johnny, with Ricky. You can bet, man, I would show up with a bunch of ideas if that opportunity ever arose.”

Even though Johnson now clarified that a discussion about new music never happened, it’s clear that the band would record and release new stuff if ever to be discussed. The new album will mark the band’s first since the 2012 release, ‘Last Of a Dyin’ Breed,’ and also the first without the late Rossington, the last original Lynyrd Skynyrd member.

See the latest interview below.