Gary Holt Says Prince Is A Better Guitar Player Than ‘Overrated’ Eric Clapton

During a recent interview with Put Up Your Dukes Podcast, Exodus guitarist Gary Holt compared the guitar playing skills of Eric Clapton and Prince. Holt picked Prince as the better guitarist since he thinks that Clapton is one of the most overrated guitarists of all time.

Prince released his ninth studio album named ‘Sign o’ the Times’ on March 30, 1987, and it was his first record following The Revolution’s disbanding. The album received very positive reviews and became a commercially successful hit album like most of his works. Also, according to Gary Holt that defined himself as a huge Prince fan, this is his ‘magnum opus,’ the greatest work that he created throughout his career.

In a recent interview he joined, Gary Holt highlighted that Eric Clapton cannot compete with a legendary musician like Prince because he’s very ‘overrated.’ Holt also added that Clapton’s hit songs are mostly cover songs and his own creations never drew attention. He added that he never understood why people are so obsessed with Clapton’s guitar playing.

Holt stated that Clapton wasn’t better than Ritchie Blackmore, Alvin Lee, Ronnie Montrose, and Jeff Beck in his prime times. However, it can be said that Eric Clapton might agree with Holt’s opinions about Prince considering his previous remarks on the late musician. In one of his statements shortly after Prince’s death on April 21, 2016, Clapton stated that Prince was a genius who helped him to get rid of his severe depression. Apparently, Eric decided to focus on his musical career thanks to ‘Purple Rain’ the movie.

Here’s what the host asked:

“Who is better, Eric Clapton or Prince?”

Holt said in his interview that:

“Prince. Clapton is the most overrated guitar player on the planet. I’m sorry. I mean I don’t like the time you did about anybody who plays guitar especially now with like modern guitar players. I will talk shit about nobody because I want more people to play guitar. I consider my goal in life now at my age just to inspire people to want to pick up guitars. I follow some kids, just ripping guitar players because they’re the next generation.

We want people to do that instead of buying turntables but Eric Clapton… I just never got it. All of his hits are cover songs and the greatest guitar player… Not even then he wasn’t. Ricky Blackmore, Alvin Lee, Ronnie Montrose… You could go back to the 60s. There’s Jeff Beck. I just never got it.”

You can check out the interview below.