Former Journey Vocalist Discusses Recent Collaboration With Neal Schon

Former Journey vocalist Steve Augeri recently sat down with AXS TV, discussing his recent collaboration with guitarist Neal Schon and how the said song saw the light of day only years later.

Augeri’s run with the band lasted almost a decade, as the singer joined Journey in the late 90s after it became apparent that a reunion with Steve Perry wouldn’t be possible. That made him the second Steve to take the lead in Journey, and although his time with the band was somewhat short, it seemed that the singer never held back from being creative and tried his best to collaborate with his bandmates.

The rocker discussed some of the tracks he co-wrote or composed along with his former Journey pals, recalling collaborating with keyboardist Jonathan Cain on a piece called, ‘Never Fought For Home.’ The topic then drifted to working with Neal, as Augeri disclosed co-writing a song called ‘Desert Moon’ with the guitar player.

Steve noted how he played drums and sang the lead for the track while Schon complimented it with some rocking riffs. The single even made it to the other Journey members, and the band jammed together during different sessions. However, it never made it to the final cut, so when Augeri worked on a solo collection years later, the singer saw his project as an opportunity to debut ‘Desert Moon.’

Steve recalled collaborating with Schon and featuring their joint project on his solo collection:

“So, let’s put it this way. ‘Never Fought For Home’ was more of a personal creation. Jonathan [Cain], again, like I said, he put equally amount into it; however, it had more of my personality. The second song was written with a song called ‘Desert Moon,’ with Neal Schon and myself, Journey’s legendary guitarist.

I got on the drums and sang, and Neal played his magical guitar, and we created this song. We played it for the guys, and we even jammed with the guys. At that particular time, it didn’t make the mustard; it didn’t make the cut. Lucky for me because years later, when I’m thinking on putting a collection, and it really is a collection… to make a record work, you can’t just have it lopsided.

You have to have all these pieces that just complement one another, and I needed that piece that rocking guitar piece that would fit was missing from the record, and that was the record that I remembered… so I finished it and recorded it, and thanks to Neal, of course, we did it together, and it seemed the light of day, and I thought it was worthy of it.”

Although the song didn’t make it to the final cut with Journey, Augeri was excited to debut the track through his solo collection, sharing his thoughts on working with Schon and how his guitar riffs complimented ‘Desert Moon.’