Foo Fighters’ Josh Freese Announces His Return To A Perfect Circle After 13 Years

News for A Perfect Circle fans, Josh Freese is back.

The drummer recently announced that he would rejoin the band after 13 years for a series of shows. Freese will join the tour on its first day and play in the following 13 shows.

He shared the news on his Instagram account with the words:

“Happy to report that for the first time in 13 years I’ll be going out with A Perfect Circle on the upcoming ‘Sessanta’ tour. Due to my schedule with the Foo Fighters I’ll be having to jump off after the Hollywood Bowl on April 20. Gunnar from Puscifer will be filling in on the remaining dates (maybe a little Tim Alexander too?)”

He also explained the importance of the band for him:

“There’s a chance I’ll be able to show up to another gig or two after that if time allows but for now that’s the plan. A Perfect Circle has always been a very special band for me and I’m really looking forward to getting out and playing these songs again.”

The drummer had given the signs of his involvement in the band before the recent announcement. Earlier this week, Freese shared a picture of his drum kit along with the message:

“13 years later…like riding a bike.”

Freese Will Join A Special Show

Freese is commonly known as the band’s original full-time drummer. He played on the first three albums before APC’s first break in 2005. He returned for a period when the band reunited in 2010 but did not participate in 2018’s album ‘Eat the Elephant.’

Freese will take place in the band’s ‘Sessanta’ tour. During the tour, A Perfect Circle, Primus, and Puscifer will play together to celebrate Keenan’s 60th birthday. It will be a one-time show only and will take place on Keenan’s birthday, April 17.

The tour is set to start on April 2 in Boston and Freese will play until the April 20 gig in Los Angeles. Then, Puscifer’s Gunnar Olsen will take over from April 21 through the May 4 shows.

You can see the statement here.